DABE membership is not limited to economists, but to those with an interest in the field or whose work or academic experiences utilize economics. 


Annual membership dues include all meeting and social hour event fees for members.

*Membership dues are non-refundable.


To apply, download the membership application, fill in requested information and return for consideration.


Membership Chair

Eris Azizaj

Model Senior Analyst



2022 DABE Membership Dues (Select Option Below to Pay Online)


New Members:

Prospective new members must have their membership application approved by the Board prior to submitting payment. 2022 dues for new members are $150 prorated by the number of months remaining in the calendar year including the current month.


Existing Members:

$150 paid by January 31 to retain a current member status. Members can pay online using the payment button below (Square payment system).



For questions regarding payment please contact Arben Skivjani at or