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2016 Forecasting Competition Results


1. Monthly Cash Price of Gold – Ryan Davis, Michael Nieswiadomy    
2. Monthly Price of Natural Gas – Gerry Davis, Jack Friedman    
3. Monthly Spot Price of Oil – Gerry Davis    
4. Weekly U.S. Retail Gasoline Price – Jack Friedman
5. ISM Manufacturing Index – Jack Friedman, Charlotte Wheeler
6. Dow Jones Industrial Average – Charlotte Wheeler
7.  Monthly Consumer Price Index-U, All items – Gerry Davis     
8.  Advance Estimate 3Qtr U.S. GDP real annualized growth – Ryan Davis, Michael Nieswiadomy     
9.  U.S. Civilian Unemployment Rate – Jack Friedman, Michael Nieswiadomy, Charlotte Wheeler 
10. Dallas Civilian Unemployment Rate – Ron Witten     
11. Value of the Dollar relative to the Euro – Ron Witten     
12. Value of the Mexican Peso relative to the Dollar – Tom Grooms
13. U.S. Single Family Existing Home Inventories – Michael Nieswiadomy, Ron Witten
14. Texas Single Family Existing Home Inventories – Jack Friedman
15. Who Will Win the 2016 Presidential Election? - Jack Friedman, Tom Grooms

16. Small Business Optimism Index – Gerry Davis, Ryan Davis, Michael Nieswiadomy
17. Number of Fortune 500 Companies in DFW area in 2015 – Jack Friedman, Michael Nieswiadomy
18. 30 year Mortgage Fixed Rate – Gerry Davis    
19. US Economic Freedom position – Bill Kitchens    
20. 2016 Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics – None
Overall Winners (lowest error rate)
3rd Place – Jack Friedman
2nd Place – Charlotte Wheeler

1st Place – Gerry Davis

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